The innovative, interactive online learning journal for each child.

Every child who attends Little Cubs has a Learning Journal via the online system “Tapestry”.  This enables staff to record observations, track development and assess the children to ensure they are making progress in the EYFS curriculum areas.  This system affords greater accuracy and immediate recording of observations using a Kindle app.  In turn, this frees up more important time to spend doing activities with the children rather than the time consuming process of writing up observations as with older paper based systems.

Parents will receive a unique log in that will allow them to view their children’s observations, progress and the next planned steps to aid their development.  Parents can access this anytime, leave their own comments and upload their own photos of home activities if they wish.  An email is sent to parents each time new activity has taken place on their child’s account.  This type of journal really helps to strengthen our nursery to home partnership.

The system is not to take place of the daily diary sheets with day to day details such as meals and sleep times etc.  These are completed and given to parents at the end of each day.  Parent consultations also take place on a termly basis.

Tapestry is a safe and secure way for parents to view their child’s progress as frequently as they like and at a convenient time to them.

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