Little Pandas Room
For tweenies (8 Places)
Little Pandas - Little Cubs Day Nursery 

Progression in to the Little Pandas room will see the focus move to help the children develop to recognise their own needs. They will start to learn the importance of boundaries and continue building their relationships with friends and staff.

The room has plenty of natural light, air conditioning if necessary and lots of resources to engage your child and to stimulate their senses. This is a key time for developing fine motor skills.

The Little Pandas have use of the large outdoor playing area, Soft Play/Sensory room and the Library. There is also opportunity for them to take part in the visiting “Boogie Beats” dance /exercise class..

Little Cubs Day Nursery

73-75 Priory Road, Kenilworth,
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Little Cubs Pandas
Little Cubs Pandas
Little Cubs Pandas
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