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Babies are cared for in the Little Bears room. This is a suite of rooms in one section of the property that ensures your little one’s needs are met in a safe and comforting environment. There is a large play room which is split with two flooring areas – soft carpeting for comfy play and crawling and a hard floored surface for messy play and eating.

There is a “black and white “area designed to stimulate baby’s senses. All resources in the room are age suitable and will encourage development. The room is bright with lots of natural light and has the option of air conditioning if too warm during the summer months. 

A further room direct from the play room is a spacious changing area where your babies can be changed in comfort and privacy.

The Little Bears have a dedicated sleep room where they can catch up on precious sleep after all the playing. They will be closely monitored by staff during sleep time and your home routine will be consulted to encourage consistency. There is direct access to the babies own outdoor play area & also use of the soft play/sensory room.

Little Cubs Day Nursery

73-75 Priory Road, Kenilworth,
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tel: 01926 852011

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Little Cubs Bears
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